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It’s Almost Time! March 6, 2011

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My mom hates ultrasound pictures, so I have not posted any (until now 🙂

I am exhausted and the sleepless nights have not even started yet (unless you count the fact that I can’t get comfortable and Dustin snores…loudly!).  I would like to find the one person, that is not on bed rest, that is actually able to REST in the days leading up to a new baby’s arrival.  I am told almost daily that I should be resting now while I can.  While I can?  Between my mile long to-do lists and a very busy 2-year old, I would like for someone to show me where this opportunity to rest is in my life, because I haven’t found it.  But don’t misunderstand this to be a complaint, because it honestly is not.  I thrive on being busy, and have enjoyed all of the little jobs that I have had to complete to prepare the way for Anna Kate to join our family.  In the past couple of months, we have completed the following:

  1. In true Mission Impossible style, we located all of the baby items we used with Ally that could be used again.  This meant remembering to whom we had loaned items, digging through closets, under beds, and in the garage, and organizing and reorganizing the storage unit. 
  2. I have done more laundry this month than I did this past year.  After going through ALL of Ally’s clothes from birth through six months to decide what could be considered seasonably appropriate, I then washed EVERYTHING and organized the drawers and nursery closet with all of the clothes.  This process made me realize that either my mom or I need a shopping intervention, as I have never seen so many baby girl clothes in my life. 
  3. We officially moved Ally out of the nursery and into her own big girl room.  Our original plan was to leave the nursery exactly as it was, since another little girl would be occupying the space, but in the end, I felt guilty because Anna Kate will spend her whole life inheriting Ally’s second-hand items, and we redecorated the nursery.
  4. We have gone on a battery scavenger hunt.  If you are looking for something to buy stock in this week, go for a company that does rechargeable batteries, as I am sure Dustin and I alone will be the cause of Duracel reaching their 1st quarter numbers.  We went through every room in our house and made a list of batteries we would need to be fully operating when we bring Anna Kate home.  I think our final tally involved fifty-something batteries (and of course most of those are Cs and Ds, which cost more than the items they are giving power to).
  5. I have cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned again.  In fact, if Anna Kate does not arrive this week, Dustin and Ally will need to hide, because they are only things left in this house that I have not bleached.
  6. I have written about half of the thank-you notes that I need to write.  While I appreciate nothing more than the generosity, love, and support that I have been shown by all of the wonderful people in my life, I DETEST writing cards. This is not because I am ungrateful, but because I am left-handed, and there isn’t an ink that dries fast enough to avoid my smudges.
  7. I have had my final ultrasound.  Although we had to pay for it out-of-pocket thanks to all the great contributions Obama has made to my health insurance (I’ll get on that soap box another day), I could not go into the delivery room uncertain of whether the she was tangled up in the chord (as Ally was) or that she was actually a he.  Almost daily, someone tells me I have to be carrying a boy, so I began to panic.  If Anna Kate were to come out a boy on D-day, they would have to take me directly from L and D to the Psych ward.  I am too much of a planner for a curve ball like that.  My nursery is pink, the closet is full of pink, and a boy named Anna Kate would be made fun of.  Fortunately, the latest ultrasound more than confirmed that she truly is a girl!  And from what we have been told, there will be no need for a NICU team to be waiting in the room like there was with my sweet Ally.

So now that everything has been located, cleaned, and charged, we are physically ready for this precious blessing to arrive.  We find out Wednesday morning when she will arrive (assuming she waits until the scheduled time).  Now we just have to figure out if we are mentally ready for the “joys” of a newborn and whether or not Allyson is ready for her whole life to change with the introduction of her baby sister.


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