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A Lot Has Changed March 25, 2011

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Apparently, I am a very bad blogger.  I just realized that my last post was on March 6th, and the post depicted everything we were doing to prepare the way for Anna Kate’s arrival.  In the 19 days since my last post, a great deal has happened.  First of all, my induction was rescheduled 3 times, because the doctor never thought I was “ready.”  The final time it was postponed, I literally went out to my car and sobbed, because I was so over being pregnant.  I called my mom and explained to her between gasps that I couldn’t do it anymore.  Fortunately, I could, and the Lord’s plan was better than mine all along (as it always is). 

 Before I could make it to the final induction date, Anna Kate decided to come on her own in what might be the easiest labor story of all time.  The only minor glitch in the whole event happened right after I received the epidural and my blood pressure bottomed out, but my nurse was right on top of it, and gave me an injection of ephedra before anything happened as a result of my BP.  From beginning to end, the care we received at the hospital was beyond any expectations I had, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say of my doctors and nurses that took care of us. 

We were fortunate enough to share that day with our parents and close friends.  In addition to that, my mom, who continues to sacrifice everything for her children (even though the twins are 26 and I am almost 30) stayed longer to help us give Allyson the extra attention she needed during the time of transition and to be my sounding board as I sat in my bathroom overwhelmed, hormonally imbalanced, and sleep deprived.  Unfortunately, everyone’s life did have to get back to normal and by Wednesday I found myself at home alone with 2 children. 

The first two days, my primary goal was to figure out how I could shower without fear of Allyson “helping” too much with Anna Kate.  I knew I could wait until Allyson was taking a nap, but I had other things I wanted to accomplish during that time, so I just put the girls directly in front of the shower and watched them like a hawk.  While I normally love my privacy, I have a feeling that is gone for a while (if not forever).  Today, I had a loftier goal.  I needed to leave the house to run to King’s and back to the hospital, and I had to do it with both girls in tow.  We made it in and out of Kings without much trauma, but the hospital was another story.  While we did make it in successfully, we left with both Allyson and Anna Kate crying, and I was seriously considering joining them (but didn’t).  Fortunately, we all made it home in one piece and were able to enjoy a quiet evening at home as a family.  It wasn’t until we put Allyson to bed tonight that I really took the time to count my blessings.  At bedtime, we all piled into Ally’s bed and read stories.  Then, Allyson asked to hold Anna Kate.  When we handed her over to Ally (don’t worry – we were still holding Anna Kate’s head), Ally started singing “So be careful little eyes what you see” to Anna Kate.  My heart continued to melt as Ally kissed her baby sister, gave her a hug, and told Dustin and I that she loved us very much.  So the longest stretch of sleep I get is about 2.5 hours, and I am not very productive during the day, and leaving the house is an unsurmountable feat, but I have two perfect children that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the whole world.


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  1. Melissa Hayes Says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I don’t think you know me but our husband’s use to work together at Bluelinx and I think might have met once at Nikki & Justin’s. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blogs simply for the fact that I can relate so well to so many things (if not all) that you say. I feel God drew me there today to read after a very exhausting mentally, physically, emotionally draining day. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one sometimes. Hope all is well. Your blog stalker -Melissa

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