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I stand proudly on the crazy mom ledge April 17, 2011

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I said on more than one occasion that I would be way more laid back with Anna Kate than I was with Allyson, because I know what I am doing now.  Afterall, I am an old pro at this mom business now.  I just knew that my intuition would be 10 times stronger and more accurate the second time around.  Somehow, I have a feeling that my pediatrician would be the first to call my a liar on the afore-mentioned statements.  While it is true that I don’t fear “breaking” her like I feared with Allyson, my plethora of “mom” experience has not kept me from harassing our pediatrician on what has been a weekly basis.

While at the hospital, we learned that Anna Kate was Coombs positive, which meant she was at risk of developing jaundice.  Because of that, we all watched her very closely to see if she was starting to become yellow.  Shortly after they released us from the hospital, I became convinced that Anna Kate had not had enough wet diapers, and I called the doctor at home (on a Sunday nonetheless) to express my paranoia.  The doctor talked me down from the crazy mom ledge, and we realized that in my worry I had overlooked drinking anything myself, which was leading to a lower supply of food for Anna Kate, which led to fewer wet diapers.  In the end, she never developed jaundice, and she got a clean bill of health at her 2 day well check visit.

Fast forward one week, and you will find me back at the pediatricians office.  Dustin and I noticed a dark red spot on Anna Kate’s back within the first week we had her at home.  It did not look like anything we had ever seen before, so I did what I do best…I asked the pediatrician.   Once again, he talked me down from the crazy mom ledge and told me it was simply a hemangioma, which is just a nodule of extra blood vessels in the skin that will completely disappear by the time she is 10 (which is thankfully prior to the teenage years in which every single tiny mark brings a girl’s self-esteem into question). 

If you keep fast forwarding to the very next week, guess where you will find me…back at the pediatrician.  Just after her two-week well check, Anna Kate began to show every symptom of reflux.  Now this did not surprise me (or really even worry me), as I have such severe reflux that I have had a Nissen Flundoplication (which is a big word to say they tied my stomach up around my esophagus) and still require medication.  However, it got to the point that I considered wearing a poncho every time I fed her, because I knew I would end up wearing a lot of what she had just eaten, so I scheduled an appointment.  Luckily for me (which is selfish to say), the pediatrician did not give me that “you poor worried mom” look, because he confirmed that I was right to be worried.  Anna Kate was not gaining any weight, so they put her on medicine to help with the reflux.  With the combination of the medicine and a few tips I learned from some fabulous nurses on moms that happen to be my Facebook friends, we have had 3 throw-up free days, and I think she actually looks like she is getting bigger!

So if you have wondered where I have been for the last month or why I have not been blogging, it is because my pediatrician’s office does not offer free wi-fi, and that is where I have been living.  So am I more calm the second time around…not even a little bit.  Do I feel still feel silly every time I overreact…of course.  Will that change my behavior even a little bit…not one bit!  My job is to take care of these little girls, and that is what I intend to do.  Even if it means Blue Cross Blue Shield curses every time they see my name on a claim, and even if our pediatrician could retire early on my family alone, I will continue to run and ask questions every time I am unsure of something, because I, after all, did not go to medical school!


One Response to “I stand proudly on the crazy mom ledge”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love this! Thank you for being so honest! haha! Precious girls.

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