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A Dose of Perspective on Mother’s Day May 8, 2011

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My very first Mother’s Day as a mother, I was still naive, and I believed that babies understood that it was a special day for moms and behaved as a perfect child should (I’ve yet to figure out what that even is).  Since then, I have learned that babies have no concept of what day it is, and therefore, their behavior remains unchanged, even on holidays that celebrate me.  This year, as one would expect, that is exactly what happened. 

The day began at 4:00 am with Anna Kate’s early morning feeding.  Thankfully, we have Anna Kate’s reflux under control (more or less), so she doesn’t throw up very often anymore.  However, this morning, the poor baby girl threw up EVERYWHERE shortly after I fed her, which meant that I was up washing all of our bedding at 4:00 in the morning.  Because our bedding was all in the wash, breakfast in bed was out of the question. 

Once I had the bed put back together again, I wasn’t able to crawl back into it, because it was then time to get ready for church.  Usually, I can get ready from start to finish in 45 minutes, but now, it takes every bit of 2 hours.  Between stopping to feed Anna Kate, trying on 5-7 outfits (I am in that horrible stage where I am too thin for my maternity clothes but still too fat for my regular clothes, so finding anything to wear is a real challenge), and dealing with Allyson, I am lucky if I arrive anywhere on time.  Because this morning was no different, I ended up eating refrigerator cold grits and all of the coffee was gone. 

In case all of that hadn’t stressed me out enough, Allyson decided to make a scene when we dropped her off at Sunday School, which is VERY rare, because she loves church and her friends at church, and she even hit sweet Mr. Vince when he took her from us.  I had to do the walk of shame down the nursery hall, as I was “that mom.”  Clearly, by 11:00, I thought I was having the worst Mother’s Day ever! 

But as he always does, the Lord slapped me with a huge dose or perspective.  While my mom was here from Birmingham this weekend, she shared many stories with us of families whose lives were torn apart by the tornadoes two weeks ago.  One story in particular, made me feel like a horrible human being for feeling sorry for myself that I felt less than celebrated on Mother’s Day.  After hearing that the tornadoes were headed her way, a particular mom in Birmingham took shelter and laid over her brand new, 6-week old baby to protect her.  During the devastation of the tornadoes, the selfless mother lost her life and her husband was left with absolutely nothing but his new baby girl.  This story has shaken me to my core, as her baby girl was born the same week as my Anna Kate.  I couldn’t help but look at my sweet baby and feel the devastation for that mom who will never see her baby girl do any of her “firsts” and for the dad who will struggle daily on his own (he didn’t even have enough money to bury his wife).  How could I be so selfish about my less-than-adequate Mother’s Day when there are now children without mothers and mothers without children.  So today has ended up being a wonderful Mother’s Day, because I have my family, and that is more than enough for me!


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