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Telephones and Tie Die July 6, 2011

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I have come to the conclusion that there are people out there that rely on me to make them feel good about their own parenting skills, as it is always comforting to know there is someone out there floundering more at parenthood than yourself.  That is the only justification I have come up with the explain why anyone would care that I have (temporarily) stopped blogging.  But nonetheless, I appreciate and love my friends and family that have asked what the crazy Cochran’s have been up to.  I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop blogging, it just happened in the midst of the craziness that has overcome our lives.  Between a new baby that has been slow to grow (I could write 15 posts about the thoughts that have overcome me regarding her size) and the process of packing up 8 years of my life into Home Depot boxes to move 10 miles down the road, I simply have not had an intelligent thought in about 3 months.

Since there are people out there relying on me to do something goofy, it is my civic duty to share this Allyson story.  Right now, this part of the story will seem irrelevant, but I am wearing a tie die shirt.  It has been one of those days where when I returned from the gym, I simply didn’t feel the need to shower, so I am still wearing my sweaty gym shirt.  Now, remember what I am wearing at the end of this story. 

With the move only 2 weeks away, I have started calling utility companies to shut off service here and start it there.  While this seems like a simple task, I have yet to make it off the phone with a single utility company in less than 15 minutes.  On my to-do list today, I had written down that I needed to call the Cobb County Water Services and the bank.  I must have had a moment where I thought I was superman, and I decided to allow Allyson to paint while I changed our address with the bank and simultaneously fed Anna Kate.  Since the brain can only process 5-8 bits of information at one time, Allyson wasn’t even on my radar.  As to be expected, I was on the phone with the bank for 17 minutes.  When I hung up with them, I realized Allyson was being very quiet, so I went in the playroom to check on her.  When I walked in, she had her back to me, and she looked sweetly innocent in here white cotton dress and big blue bow.  When she heard my voice, she turned around in that precious white dress, looked up at me with a proud smile, and said “Look Mommy!  We match!!!”

Please refer to the previous paragraph if you have forgotten what I was wearing.



One Response to “Telephones and Tie Die”

  1. Amy Frith Says:

    Oh my word! Haha! i wish you’d take a picture of her tie-dye dress :0) I think that’s hilarious — but I do hope it didn’t frustrate you too much OR require too much clean-up!

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