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Farewell July 16, 2011

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Dear 1st home,

Tomorrow is the last day I will walk through your front door.  While I am thrilled to be moving into a house that better suits our family’s current needs, it will be a bittersweet to say farewell to my first home (not funded by my parents).  The last 8 years have been wonderful, and there are so many things about you that I will never forget:

  1. I will never forget finding you when I was just 22 years old and knowing you were perfect for me.  You were everything I was looking for at that time, and I could not contain my excitement when I moved my first piece of furniture in.
  2. I will never forget the terror I felt when for the first time, I owed somebody more than $10.  I will admit I felt sick when I signed the contract to keep you and knew I was becoming an adult (not a college girl that would sell a textbook to buy a new shirt or call my dad for money, because somehow I was out before the end of the month). 
  3. I will never forget how much fun I had getting dressed with my bridesmaids in the master bathroom to prepare to marry my best friend.
  4. I will never forget how fearful I was when I was all alone at home when Dustin first started traveling for work (and I thank you for keeping the bogeymen out when I was alone).
  5. I will never forget announcing to Dustin in the kitchen that we were finally pregnant for the first time (after almost a year of trying).
  6. I will never forget announcing to Dustin over the phone in our bedroom that we were expecting our second baby (much to my surprise).
  7. I will never forget how Type-A you made me become as I obsessively cleaned you and renovated you, so that you would be in perfect condition.
  8. I will never forget the feelings I experienced when we walked through your front door with both Allyson and Anna Kate (that feeling might be similar to the terror I experienced when I took on a large amount of debt).
  9. I will never forget the numerous nights that our best friends have spent hanging out with us on your back deck.
  10. I will never forget the amount of love and happiness I have felt over the last 8 years inside your walls. 

I will probably shed a tear or two as we take one last look around and then walk our your front door one last time, but we will never forget you.  We have made wonderful memories inside your walls and we aren’t leaving a single one of those behind.  I hope you bring as much joy to the new owners as you did to us.  Farewell my first adult decision…it’s time to start the next chapter.



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